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  1. ŠŪNA / HOMO DEUS (2022 / 2023)

  2. Audiovisual performance
    Duration: 30 minutes
    Installation dimensions: 85 cm diam.
    Note: there is also an installation version

    The piece/performance is about the human perception of truth and faith. 

    A sculpture made of light - a relic of a future religion, a techno cult, a techno nature that we all believe in so romantically.

    The ravers unite under the beat, just as the believers unite under the grace of God.

    Is faith stronger than truth?

    An improvised, live-coded techno piece mapped live with lighting effects is meant to create an experience without boundaries [of a screen].

    The name of the work comes from Yuval Noah Harari's book "Homo Deus", in which Harari writes about a new human race in the next 150 years. A human "god" (Deus) who has achieved immortality and superhuman intelligence through bioengineering and artificial intelligence.

    The light sculpture was made by hand and consists of more than 80 mirrors and more than 900 light-emitting diodes that animate 60 frames per second. By using a two-way mirror (the effect of an infinity mirror), the light is reflected infinitely, giving the flat glass plate an infinite depth.

  3. The performance is in 2 parts with lights synchronised to sound:
    Part 1 - Intro (fixed-media sound and lights, 12:50)
    Part 2 - Live coding audiovisual performance (17:00)

  4. Live AV performance for TOPLAP Karlsruhe inaugural live stream: