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  1. HOMO DEUS (2021)

  2. Audiovisual light sculpture / performance
    Dimensions: 85 cm diam.
    Duration: N/A

    If the truth seems inconceivable, then faith comes in. This can be seen in a variety of conspiration theories that have gained popularity today, such as the theory of the outbreak of the Covid-19 virus in Wuhan lab. Does that mean that faith is stronger than the truth? In this work, the author challenges the viewer (also himself) because, based on elements of religion, tends to create a sacred object that is actually purely technological.

    The name of the work comes from Yuval Noah Harari's book “Homo Deus”, in which Harari writes about the a new human race over the next 150 years. A human “God” (Deus) who has acquired immortality and superhuman intelligence through bioengineering and artificial intelligence. In this context, the artist tries to imagine the future described in the book, and to create an image of a futuristic, non-existent, pseudo religion.

    In this work, the author tends to delve into man's relationship with technology while inquiring into the question: “Is it possible to believe in technology like in a religion”?

    The light installation (sculpture) consists of more than 80 mirrors, and more than 900 light-emitting diodes animated 60 frames per second, creating the illusion of continuous luminous flux, and using a two-way mirror (the effect of an infinity mirror) the light is reflected infinitely many times, giving the flat glass top an endless depth.

    Metal work by: Steel Eel

  3. Live AV performance for TOPLAP Karlsruhe inaugural live stream:

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