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  3. Algorave @ Jubez Karslruhe (DE) November (TBC)

  5. 2024

    audiovisual performance for Bakterija Takeover / Kefirsstudio x KINETIC, 1983, Riga 9 March
    audiovisual performance for Institutsabend, IMWI, Karlsruhe, DE 12 January
  6. 2023

    Toplap Karlsruhe stream for PagrabsTirkultura radio 10 December
    live audiovisual performance with Elza Zīverte at RIXC Art and Science festival "Crypto, Art and Climate", RIXC Gallery, Riga 20 September
    phi8 "SuperCollider radio" performance with Vitaly Zagovenyev, Sommerausstellung opening, Academy of fine arts Karlsruhe, DE 12 July
    live coding visuals for "Isle of Coding" at ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE 6 July
    live audiovisual performance with Elza Zīverte at "Starptelpa", Latvian Art Academy, Riga 18 June
    group exhibition & live performance at "retrospektropija", Liepaja museum, Liepaja 8 June to 30 July
    phi8 at Vitaly Zagovenyev's show at P8, Karlsruhe, DE 8 to 24 March
    phi8 "SuperCollider radio" performance for Vitaly Zagovenyev's vernissage at P8, Karlsruhe, DE 8 March
    "Bewegungsstudien" live sonified and visualised dance performance with Elza Ziverte, Institutsabend, IMWI, Karlsruhe, DE 25 January
  7. 2022

    live visuals for Andres Corsair at TOPLAP Karlsruhe@Insterburg, Karlsruhe, DE 2 December
    live coding performance for Update media art festival, Liepaja 26 November
    "Live coding for AV performance" workshop at Update media art festival, Liepaja 21 to 26 November
    live coding performance with Frédéric Bertheau at Effekte Festival, Karlsruhe, DE 8 October
    12 hours of live coding stage lighting (DMX) for GrusGrus, Provodņiks, Riga 20 August
    phi8 "SuperCollider radio" rooftop performance at Insterburg, Karlsruhe, DE 15 July
    phi8 "SuperCollider radio" performance, Institutsabend, IMWI, Karlsruhe, DE 8 July
    soundtrack for Kristine Krauze-Slucka solo exhibition "Forced movements of the past"TJZK, Riga (nominated for Purvitis Prize) 20 April to 1 May
    live visuals for Ivars Arutyunyan solo percussion, Kulturkabinett, Stuttgard, DE 2 April
    live coding performance for TOPLAP Karlsruhe innaugural live stream 27 February
  8. 2021

    group exhibition "Māksla garākai dzīvei", Sporta 2 square, part of the project "Divi9" art week, Riga 15 to 21 September
    online group exhibition "Made in Lab", madeinlab.lv
    online group exhibition "Metaverse", newnormal.lv
  9. 2019

    group exhibition "Lambda" at Céu de Vidro, Caldas da Rainha, PT 17 to 19 December
    phi8 installation at "Starpliktuvē", part of "Liepaja Art Forum", Liepaja 27 September to 30 October
    "ecstatic dance" photo series part of "Nida OFF" additional program, LT 12 September
    phi8 installation at "Baltā nakts" ("White Night") contemporary culture forum, Riga 7 September
    phi8 installation at Baltic Burn festival, LT 9 to 11 August
    phi8 installation at Kometa festival, Riga 26 to 28 July
    group exhibition "Līdzsvars", Kursa, Liepaja 19 to 20 June
    group exhibition "Trauksmes cēlāji Muzeju naktī", MPLAB, Liepaja 18 May
    group exhibition & performance in Sound Days festival, Liepaja 1 to 5 May
    group exhibition "Zaļš", MPLAB, Liepaja 21 to 22 (extended to 28) January
  10. 2018

    group exhibition "Liepājas mākslinieki Latvijas simtgadei", Liepaja museum, Liepaja 14 December to 6 January
    group exhibition "Zinātnieku nakts 2018", MPLAB, Liepaja 28 September
    group exhibition "Virtuālās identitātes", MPLAB, Liepaja 24 to 30 September
    group exhibition "Polifonija", MPLAB, Liepaja 7 September