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  1. Sound track for:
    FORCED MOVEMENTS OF THE PAST by Kristine Krauze Slucka (2022)

    "The artist's work is based on a sense of time and space about the destructive nature of war. "Arte povera", or the so-called "art of poor materials", refers not to the use of cheap materials or a self-righteous sociological critique of society but rather an attempt to confront and reveal the experience of the human world. The recycled felt used in the installation - created by compressing the fibres of shredded fabrics - depicts a trauma that leaves an indelible mark on the individual's personality. It is a landscape of fragmented identity that seeks to regain wholeness; these are the conditions that force one to transform and become the Other. The installation is accompanied by a soundtrack by Kaspars Jaudzems, which integrates intercepted messages from Russian soldiers on the front line in Ukraine and call recordings with the soldiers' families back home."

    More info on: https://www.kristinekrauze.com/forced-movements-of-the-past

  2. Collaboration on:
    CANCELATION OF RESTRICTIONS by Elza Ziverte (2021)

    In her work “Cancelation of restrictions” she uses her body to show her experience as she goes through the process of meditation to document the time of Covid-19. The pandemic has left on her mental state and through movement she is able to let her negative emotions out of the body, and enter the state of trance. Covid-19 conditions, and the fact that we are all volatile algorithms, particle systems were used in my visualizations.

  3. Main concept, sound track and development on:
    INTERLINKED by Kaspars Jaudzems, Lara Almeida, João Cabaço and João Luis Costa Teixeira (2019)

    Interactive audiovisual installation
    Resolution: 1080p video
    Duration: 5 min generative audio, 20 min looping video

    The installation is an individual audiovisual / sensatory experience for humans, not robots. Using a heart rate sensor, we invite the viewer to hear one of the deepest sounds in the universe - his/her own heart beat. It is activated by placing a finger onto the red light (heart rate sensor), which is mounted in a transparent box. Immidiately sound & video starts and the live signal from the sensor is used to modulate and create a rhythm in the soundtrack.

    Interlinked was showcased in: "Lambda" at Céu de Vidro, Caldas da Rainha, PT