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  1. This is a list of open source software applications and libraries that were written for my art and creative coding projects.

  2. hydra-three (2023)

    This is a fork Hydra that is running on three.js, which brings 3D capabilities to it. Check the examples, while documentation is being worked on.

    Status: stable/in-progress


  3. SensorVisualizer and Sensor2OSC (2022-2023)

    SensorVisualizer is a Processing app that visualizes sensor data, that it receives trough OSC.


    iOS/Android apps to stream data from various Android and Polar BLE sensors to OSC. 

    Mostly tested with Polar H10 (ECG and Accelerometer streams).

    Used in From the Heart performance.


  4. vosc (2022-2023)

    vosc (status: experimental/in-progress) is a visuals/vjing 2D/3D high performance graphics engine based on openFrameworks (C++/OpenGL) that can be controlled via OSC commands.

  5. SuperCollider Quarks (2022-2024)

    Circuit - a SuperCollider quark for using Novation Circuit as a MIDI controller

    DMXQuark is a SuperCollider DMX controller quark.

    Blofeld - a SuperCollider quark for working with Waldorf Blofeld synth

  6. openFrameworks addons and apps (2018-2022)

    OSC2DMX is a OSC to DMX bridge app with support for Serial, Art-Net and simulator (e.g. BlenderDMX).

    VideoXTime is an open source tool / video-effect I developed for the experimental video Untitled. It rotates a video in 3D by swapping X/Y axis and time. The result is somewhat similar but different to slit-scan.

    ofxColorTheory is an openFrameworks addon to generate & interpolate color themes based on colour theory.