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  1. info [at] kaspars [dot] cc

    Kaspars Jaudzems is a digital artist working mainly in code - designing, building, sequencing and composing works using algorithms and numbers. He has a strong background in engineering and uses that to build complex technological installations, interactive works and interfaces, trying to explore mathematical and physical raw building blocks [of existance] in relation to technology.

    In a heavy cyber punk inspired style he reflects upon threats that we are facing and hypothetical technological utopias and dystopias of near future. He uses code and cybernetic feedback loops, to create generative audiovisual compositions and new experiences.

    He lives and works in: KARLSRUHE / RIGA / LONDON



      Born 1984, in Riga, Latvia, he initially studied Computer Programming at the University of Latvia. After a decade working in technology related startups across Europe (London, Madrid, Riga) and creating innovative tech solutions, he challenged himself to put this experience into experimental, artistic and personal work. He went to study New Media Art at Liepaja University and after graduation, he went on to study Music Informatics at the Music University of Karlsruhe, Germany. Electronic music and sound have always been an integral part in his creative ideas and ambitions, and Karlsruhe which is also known for being one of the first live-coding scenes and hosting the ZKM - a very unique media art institution, an exciting environment to expand his artistic horizons further. During this time his installation projects evolved into live-coded or algorithmically sequenced performances.

      He is inspired by the sky, forests, cold-water swims, and doing Vipassana meditation, and enjoys collaborating with various artists, programmers, musicians, and is a member of Toplap Karlsruhe.