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  1. Šūna (2021)

    A music video for Jāņa Ruņģa Klātbūtne song Šūna, directed by Marta Mēness, where I did the drone shots.

  2. Estar (Unfinished, 2020)

    Trailer for a drone video I started working on in Portugal (will NEVER be finished)
    In Portuguese there are two words for "to be", ESTAR is to be temporary, changeably, while SER is to be permanently, unchangeable. Here I thinking to emphasize the temporary nature of being

  3. Drone Shadow (Reproduction, 2018)

    Using Liepaja city beach as a canvas, I drew a 35m wide Drone Shadow, using measurments from Drone Shadow Handbook by James Bridle. 
    The drone shadow depicts military drone "invisible" presence. Drone strikes kill many civilians and children. 

  4. Paradise (2018)

    A drone video about a valley in southern Spain.