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  1. Collaboration on Elza Ziverte's Cancelation of restrictions (2021)

    In her work “Cancelation of restrictions” she uses her body to show her experience as she goes through the process of meditation to document the time of Covid-19. The pandemic has left on her mental state and through movement she is able to let her negative emotions out of the body, and enter the state of trance. Covid-19 conditions, and the fact that we are all volatile algorithms, particle systems were used in my visualizations.

  2. In the rising of the light (2019)

    A poetic documentary / video collage, made from ordinary day fragments of five people.

    The film uses a verse by Pablo Neruda, connecting it to parts of the day and different states of mind, their relation to nature - the sun and the moon, searching for a link between the ordinary and a sense of urgency.

    In the rising of the light
    Wake with those who awoke
    Or go in the dream
    Reaching the other shore
    Of the sea which has no other shore

    Verse by Pablo Neruda from "The Watersong Ends"

  3. Untitled (2019)

    Abstract short film playing with ideas of a "fluid nature" and "the inclusion of the other in the self".

    The inclusion of the other in the self happens all the time, between friends, couples; between different sexes or ultimately between the soul and body-mind.

    Made during experimental cinema workshop week at MPLab / LiepU.