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  1. VISUAL WEAVER (2017 - ...)

  2. Video projection or screen

    Resolution: up to 8K
    Duration: N/A

    Visual Weaver is ongoing work on a generative system, that is based on sieve fractals, which is a combination of a latvian ornamental sign algorithm (belt of Nica) and fractal algorithms. The work creates complex ornaments which appear to have an infinite depth and seeks to explore if there is a higher meaning behind.

    It started as an inspiration from traditional weaving arts, experimenting with similar algorithms in a digital medium, where there exist no limitations like thread count or color variety.

    Visual Weaver was part of group exhibition: "Trauksmes cēlāji Muzeju naktī"

  3. RED

    Red is one of the works from Visual Weaver series. This recorded video is from "Trauksmes cēlāji Muzeju naktī" exhibition and it includes short fragments from speeches of Prof. Yuval Noah Harari and Rutgen Bregman.


  5. Modris Tenisons - one of the authors of the original paper about Nica belt - commented that this: "The latvian ornament applied to large-scale architecture."

  6. Four seasons was created as an idea/sketch for the Riga light festival.