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    digital artist

    kasparsj at gmail dot com

    Kaspars Jaudzems is a digital artist working mainly in code - designing, building, sequencing and composing works using algorithms and numbers. He has a strong background in engineering and uses that to build complex technological installations, interactive works and interfaces, trying to explore mathematical and physical raw building blocks [of existance] in relation to technology.

    In a heavy cyber punk inspired style he reflects upon threats that we are facing and hypothetical technological utopias and dystopias of near future. He uses code and cybernetic feedback loops, to create generative audiovisual compositions and new experiences. 

    He is currently based in Karlsruhe, Germany.


  3. 2023

    • live audiovisual performance with Elza Zīverte at RIXC Art and Science festival "Crypto, Art and Climate", RIXC Gallery, Riga
    • phi8 "SuperCollider radio" performance with Vitaly Zagovenyev, Sommerausstellung opening, Academy of fine arts Karlsruhe, DE
    • live coding visuals for "Isle of Coding" at ZKM, Karlsruhe, DE
    • live audiovisual performance with Elza Zīverte at "Starptelpa", Latvian Art Academy, Riga
    • group exhibition & live performance at "retrospektropija", Liepaja museum, Liepaja
    • phi8 "SuperCollider radio" performance for Vitaly Zagovenyev's vernissage at P8, Karlsruhe, DE
    • "Bewegungsstudien" live sonified and visualised dance performance with Elza Ziverte, Institutsabend, IMWI, Karlsruhe, DE
  4. 2022

  5. 2021

    • group exhibition "Māksla garākai dzīvei", Sporta 2 square, part of the project "Divi9" art week, Riga
    • online group exhibition "Made in Lab", madeinlab.lv
    • online group exhibition "Metaverse", newnormal.lv
  6. 2019

    • group exhibition "Lambda" at Céu de Vidro, Caldas da Rainha, PT
    • phi8 installation at "Starpliktuvē", part of "Liepaja Art Forum", Liepaja
    • "ecstatic dance" photo series part of "Nida OFF" additional program, LT
    • phi8 installation at "Baltā nakts" ("White Night") contemporary culture forum, Riga
    • phi8 installation at Baltic Burn festival, LT
    • phi8 installation at Kometa festival, Riga
    • group exhibition "Līdzsvars", Kursa, Liepaja
    • group exhibition "Trauksmes cēlāji Muzeju naktī", MPLAB, Liepaja
    • group exhibition & performance in Sound Days festival, Liepaja
    • group exhibition "Zaļš", MPLAB, Liepaja
  7. 2018

    • group exhibition "Liepājas mākslinieki Latvijas simtgadei", Liepaja museum, Liepaja
    • group exhibition "Zinātnieku nakts 2018", MPLAB, Liepaja
    • group exhibition "Virtuālās identitātes", MPLAB, Liepaja
    • group exhibition "Polifonija", MPLAB, Liepaja